History of Boulder, Utah

Boulder is a unique community with a history that is as colorful as the sandstone ledges that surround it.  Having no natural outlets to other communities, Boulder was considered the most isolated community in Utah, and is the only one the mail was still brought in on pack mules as late as the 1930’s.

The Settlement was founded in 1889 as a cattle and farming community.  Travel then was on horseback and mule pack.  Almost everything used in the home, farm, or on the range, found its way to Boulder by means of mule over roads that were hardly more than a dangerous trails.

In 1930 money was raised by the citizens of Boulder with additional monies from Garfield County to begin a road from Escalante to Boulder.  The funding provided a gravel, passable road by auto from Escalante to the Escalante River.

In 1938 the CCC camps (Civil Conservation Corp) completed the road to Boulder, which would finally allow travel during the winter months.  The citizens of Boulder were elated.

The paving of the road from Boulder to Escalante began in 1962 and was completed in 1971.  The paving of the road over the Boulder Mountain was not completed until 1985.  In 2002, Hwy 12 was designated an All-American Road.

Our Great Grandfather, John King, came into the Boulder area with a herd of horses to graze in the summer of 1887.  He later purchased land in the Boulder area and this began our history in this rugged and spectacular area.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

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Boulder Kids with Tilly the Horse

John King as a young man